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The Best Unusual Team Building Activities 


Team building activities are often, let’s face it, a little bit cringe-worthy. If executed poorly, you could run the risk of feeling like even less of a team than when you started!  Luckily, you’re now armed with our list of unusual team-building activities, guaranteed to increase workplace morale and ensure that everyone has a great time. 

It turns out there really is a limit to how many times you can play Two Truths and a Lie before you: a) completely lose interest, or b) know more about your coworkers than you ever thought necessary! With our ultimate list of recommendations, you’ll be having a great time with your coworkers in no time!

Top 6 Unusual Team Building Activities You’ll Love

unusual team building activities summer bbq

1) Host A Summer BBQ For Your Team

The sun shining in the UK is nothing short of a miracle, so why not seize the day and soak up those rays? “Carpe Diem” and what not! Not only does this allow your team to escape the office for the day, but it’s actually scientifically proven that sunlight has plenty of positive effects on the human body both physically and mentally! 

A happier and healthier team makes for increased efficiency and productivity, so take to your local park, flip a few burgers and crack open a couple of beers: Summer is officially here! And besides, even if the weather takes a drastic turn, it’ll still make for a hilarious story for years to come. This is fantastic team building activity for large groups and really takes team bonding to the next level.

unusual team building activities chocolate classes

2) Become Master Chocolatiers For A Day

The art of chocolate making is one to be admired: from the delicate handling of incredibly thin chocolate to the remarkable restraint of the chocolatier to not just gobble up the chocolate from the very start! In real life, it’s a craft that takes years and years of practice to perfect and requires an insane amount of willpower and dedication.

However, with businesses like MyChocolate and Chocolate Craft, you and your team can become master chocolatiers with just one class! Create your sugary masterpiece, have a bit of a laugh with your team, and (most importantly!) devour your delicious dessert with pride. You’ve definitely earned it!

unusual team building activities survival skills

3) Put Your Survival Skills To The Test

This team-building experience might not be for everyone, but for those in the office who like to live life on the wild side, taking part in a survival skills class is guaranteed to get your heart racing! By taking part in a Bear Grylls’ Survival Academy team building event, you can learn all the very best tips and tricks, passed down from the master himself. 

At the end of the day, this activity is focused on having a joke around with your coworkers and (maybe!) learning a thing or two along the way. Even if you don’t learn anything about surviving in the wild, we’re sure you’ll have a great time learning a little bit more about your team. Get ready to feel connected…but also, maybe a little scared! The better performance a team gives, the more their problem-solving skills are bound to improve.

unusual team building activities board games

4) Take Part In A Board Game Tournament

Nothing brings a team closer together than a bit of friendly competition. Whether you’re high-brow chess experts, or you put the “mono” in Monopoly, raising the stakes when it comes to board games is a great way to bond with your coworkers… and maybe get them to show their true colours! These team building games could even happen in one of your conference rooms, so everyone can take it in turns to play for either 30 minutes or before a set time runs out, before returning to work.

This works particularly well for offices with a slightly larger capacity: the stakes are higher, and the competition immediately becomes a lot more intense. Turn this into an all-day event, splash out on a grand prize and watch your team derive into madness! Don’t forget to create a very public scoreboard for the ultimate contest. If you’re wanting to get really personal, consider some lighthearted office trivia to really test how well everyone knows each other!

unusual team building activities presenting

5) Pitch Your Ideas… Dragon’s Den Style

Prepare to be creative and inventive with this unusual team-building activity! Get into smaller teams or small groups, and together, create the perfect pitch for your brand new idea. Sure, it might not make you millions of pounds in reality, but persuading those around you to work together to present your idea is guaranteed to bring you a lot of laughs- if nothing else!

Once again, we recommend providing your teams with some sort of incentive: a grand prize, a paid meal out, maybe even a day off of work for every winning team member! Whatever you choose, it’s a surefire way to connect with your team and get your team members thinking efficiently and smartly. This activity not only improves your team’s communication skills but also takes a lot of energy. And office supplies: make sure to stock up on pens, sheets of paper, and plenty of sticky notes!

masonry groups milton keynes

6) Host a Sports Day! 

Everyone loves team activities. Why not join us at Kents Hill Park for an epic sports day? We have tonnes of space for team building activities such as dodgeball, badminton, tennis and we can even provide you with a sports day package. We have a sports hall available for hire along with a Nuffield Health Leisure Centre.

Unusual Team Building Activities Conclusion

What unusual team-building exercise most caught your eye? Do you fancy yourself the next Duncan Valentine when it comes to the world of business? Or would you prefer to kick back, catch some rays, and bask in the sunshine with your team? Whatever route you decide to take, we hope our list gives you the inspiration and confidence to ever throw the best team building event!

If you’re looking for somewhere to host your next team building event, conference or training session, then look no further than Kents Hill Park. Based in Milton Keynes, Kents Hill Park has a variety of meeting rooms and conference spaces that can be tailored to best suit your individual needs. With a free, high-speed internet connection, an array of dining options, and even space for virtual meetings, Kents Hill Park is a fantastic choice for any event.