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Team Building Activity Ideas


There are a variety of reasons why team building is a great idea. It builds trust among employees and encourages them to open up to each other. This can have a positive impact in the office as employees may feel more able to bounce ideas off each other. This, in turn, can increase productivity. Similarly, these sort of events opens up communication channels with members of the team. This is vital for a healthy workspace. It also gives employees a chance to actually work together on problem-solving, and these skills can be transferred to working life. At Kents Hill Park, we offer a variety of team-building events for you and your team which can have a positive impact. Don’t hesitate to get in contact for more information.

Classic races

If you want to be taken back to your school days, our school sports day package is the option for you. Choose from classic games such as bean bag balance, egg and spoon and hula hoops. These are all simple games designed for you to get moving and enjoy yourself. If you book at Kents Hill Park, we can provide all the equipment you’ll need.

Scavenger hunt

This is a classic which gets team members active as well as using their brains. This one can be made as simple or as complex as you like and tailored to your team. Consider making the clues relevant to your branch or team members as an extra.

Egg Drop

Get your employees into teams and have them create a device that can keep an egg safe when dropped from a certain height. Gather together some set materials and see who’s invention is the best.

Blind Retriever

Hide an object somewhere and get your team into pairs. One will be blindfolded and the other has to guide them to the object. Whoever can do it the fastest wins.


Create five questions for six categories that relate to your team or business. Break your employees into teams and whoever can get the most questions right wins.

Obstacle course

This is a more intense idea but can be great fun. Either set up an obstacle course yourself or go to a venue that has one. Everyone can race and whoever wins gets a little prize.


A great game which encourages healthy competition and teamwork. At Kents Hill Park, games will be refereed, the tournament structured and prizes to be won.

Street dancer

At Kents Hill Park we offer street dance team building. Here you will work with a professional dance teacher to learn a selection of moves whilst adding your own creative flair. Once the routines have been created each team takes part in a talent show to claim the winners crown.