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How to engage employees during meetings

Meetings are commonplace in the workplace and not all of them are successful. We've all been in an unengaging meeting where nothing really gets done. Avoid this with our guide on how to engage employe...


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5 Festive Christmas Table Decoration Ideas for your Work Party

With Christmas just around the corner, its time to think about all things party. If you work in an office, chances are everyone will be getting together for a work party which might involve a deliciou...


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Secret Santa gifts for the boss

Secret Santa Secret Santa is a great idea for a big office. It means everyone gets something to unwrap, without breaking the bank. If you get someone you don't know particularly well, it can be frust...


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Benefits of hosting your meeting offsite

Holding a meeting offsite and away from the office has a number of benefits, both in terms of productivity and the facilities of the meeting venue. Discover our top reasons to host your meeting offsit...


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Why is team building so important

Team building activities are sometimes overlooked and not taken seriously in business. What some may not understand is how much positive impact they can have. Team building activities have many benefi...


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Team Building Activity Ideas

There are a variety of reasons why team building is a great idea. It builds trust among employees and encourages them to open up to each other. This can have a positive impact in the office as employe...


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11 Helpful Tips for Throwing an Event

Throwing an event is exciting. It can be really rewarding to see something you’ve planned go well. We’ve put together a guide with handy tips on throwing an event. Goal The first step to a succe...


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7 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Meeting strategy

Hosting or giving a meeting can be stressful. There’s a lot of aspects to get right so you want to make it good. It's easy to see if a meeting has been successful or a flop. If you are hosting meeti...


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6 Ways to Ruin Your Conference

Whether you’re hosting, speaking or a delegate at a conference, they can be enjoyable and rewarding. Conferences are a great place to meet people, discuss ideas and get inspired. However, there are ...


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Food Story – Interview with Tony Maude, Head Chef and a top recipe give away

Here at The Venues Collection, we know food is one of the most important choices when selecting a venue and to set the scene, we sat down with Tony Maude, the Head Chef at our venue of the month – K...


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