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Future First Charter

Together with Values and Compassion

Kents Hill Park is proud to be part of The Venues Collection, who operate a social purpose framework to make sure the impact we have on the world around us is a positive one.

We welcome thousands of guests through our doors every year so we have a responsibility to ensure The Venues Collection has a clear social purpose to better our planet and all the people we interact with.

We are more than just a collection of venues. This is why we created our Future First Charter, a framework to deliver our social purpose.

The charter outlines our commitments in 3 areas – each with its own measurable goals. Our commitments are integrally linked with our 3 brand pillars of great food, great service, great space. These areas are People Pledge, Food Focus & Enriching Environments.

People Pledge

We believe in inclusive working environments, where everyone can feel welcome and equally represented no matter what area of our business you work in. Everyone matters and everyone is valued. We listen to our guest feedback and want to make their visits as enjoyable as possible.

What we will achieve:

  • Each of our venues at The Venues Collection will have two apprentices by the end of 2022 (and one at group level).
  • We are planning to introduce an enhanced well-being programme to increase engagement with our employees. To do this, we will be improving our staff recognition and awards, our employee benefits including free meals, and improving our mental health support available to staff.
  • To raise awareness and actively promote diversity within our venues, each of our venues will have a Diversity Ambassador. This will allow is to put diversity and inclusion at the heart of our venues.
  • By the end of 2022, our group/guest feedback score will be 4 and above, out of a possible 5.
  • When introducing new team members into The Venues Collection it’s crucial to ensure they feel part of the team and have the right start to make them feel settled and welcome to the business. We will improve our staff induction both at a group level and a venue level to decrease our turnover rate by 5%. As of the 31st of October 2021, our 12-month rolling percentage is 51.9%.

Food Focus

Food is at the heart of everything we do. From careful consideration of our supply chain through to the diner experience, each aspect supports eating better for the environment, our health, animal welfare and support local communities. Our recently launched ‘Meetings for Change’ package allows our venues to be eco-conscious when creating menus for customers that have a friendlier impact on our environment.

What we will achieve:

  • We believe in zero waste – no matter what we’re cooking, our approach is ‘root to stem, nose to tail.’ By the end of 2022 all of our venues will have reduced their food waste by 5%.
  • We believe in using fresh fruit and vegetables – 80% of our ingredients will be British grown, and all of our milk and chicken is Red Tractor assured.
  • We believe in the power of plants – we offer plant-forward menus, with a great choice of alternative proteins. 50% of our menus will be plant-forward.
  • All of our menus will have calorie information available for our guests and team members to view, in order to make an informed decision that suits them.
  • By the November 2022, there will be a ‘Menu for change’ for meetings, banqueting and weddings. This offers customers a menu to assist in their Net Zero commitments.
  • To support our Net Zero targets, ‘Menus for change’ will show our carbon footprint and sourcing information by the end of 2022.

To support our Net Zero targets, ‘Menus for change’ will show our carbon footprint and sourcing information by the end of 2022. To help us achieve this we’ve teamed up with Klimato to raise awareness of how our eating habits affect the climate and empower everyone to make more informed food choices.

Enriching Environments

These commitments benefit everyone; for our employees, an enriching place to work; for our guests, flexible, sustainable spaces to meet, sleep and celebrate; for our planet, considered actions and activities to support the wellbeing and future of the planet.

  • Throughout 2022, all of our venues will offer free coffee grounds to local allotments and community growing projects, subject to availability. Waste coffee grinds make excellent additions to soil and compost, and help us to support our goal of zero waste.
  • We will support our local areas by involvement in local initiatives. Each venue will commit to one local community project per year.
  • By the end of 2022, each venue will have electric charging points.
  • To promote our commitments to Net Zero, we will have a recycling policy in place at each of our venues that allows guests to help us recycle their conference and bedroom waste.
meetings for change initiative logo

Meetings for Change

The Venues Collection recognise the risks posed to the planet from climate change and that the consequences of this change are being felt by people all around the world, that’s why, as part of our Future First Charter we created ‘Meetings for Change’.


For all our meeting, conference and events

We believe in using fresh, seasonal products
We aim that 80% of ingredients on our menus are to be British grown. All the chicken and milk we serve is Red Tractor assured.

We believe in the power of plants
We offer plant-forward menus, with a choice of great-tasting alternative proteins.

We believe in zero waste
Whatever we’re cooking for your meeting or event our approach is root-to-stem, nose-to-tail. We use recycled and reusable packaging wherever we can.

We believe in ethical sourcing
Our teas and coffees come from responsible suppliers. Our chocolate is Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified.

We believe in protecting our planet
Our climate promise is to reach Net Zero by 2030

For more information please speak to one of our venue experts.

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