Improving employee engagement during meetings

Meetings are commonplace in the workplace and not all of them are successful. We’ve all been in an unengaging meeting where nothing really gets done. Avoid this with our guide on how to engage employees during meetings.

Increase employee engagement

Increasing employee engagement has so many benefits both in meetings and during the working day. Motivated employees will be more forward-thinking and productive with their work-load. Meetings will also flow better and have improved outcomes. Boosting engagement can be an ongoing process which requires trial and error to get it right.


Organisation is key for any meeting so always create an agenda. Note down your goals and what you want to achieve so you have a clear understanding of what to discuss. That way if your team ends up going off on a tangent, you can steer the meeting back in the right direction. There’s nothing worse than a meeting where the speaker drones on without any engagement from the audience. Always encourage your delegates to voice their thoughts and get involved in the discussion to increase employee engagement. If there’s someone who seems reluctant to share, gently guide the conversation to them so they get a chance to speak.

Initiatives to improve employee engagement

Finding ways to engage employees long-term can depend on the size, age-range and type of workforce you have. Speak to your employees and find out how they feel. Ask them to suggest what they feel would improve focus and how you can support their needs and goals.

Take your meeting offsite

A fresh perspective can give fresh ideas on problems and increase employee engagement. Being in the same room all the time can be demotivating and become a routine. Consider hiring out a dedicated space for your next meeting to increase productivity and engagement. If you’re looking for the perfect offsite meeting rooms for your team, look no further than Kents Hill Park. We offer 70 flexible meeting and training rooms suitable for guests from 10 to conference rooms up to 600. With natural daylight, modern facilities and blackout features we have the ideal place to hold a successful meeting.

A meeting full of complaints is bound to reduce the morale of any office, so even if the meeting is serious, ensure there’s some praise in there somewhere. Ask your delegates to share any personal wins or another member of the team who has been performing particularly well. This boosts everyone’s mood and motivation for the coming workload. If you find yourself regularly having the same meetings in the same format, see what you can do to change things. Take ideas from other team members on what they’d like to see or how they think things can be improved.

Strategies for building and improving employee relations and engagement

Team building activities are a great way to connect your employees, improve relationships and help them feel more united.  Either try small activities before a meeting or dedicate a day or afternoon and head off-site for games and challenges. It’s a much-needed break from the work routine and can improve your team in more ways than one. At Kents Hill, we offer a variety of activities such as a school sports day package, street dance battle, badminton or short tennis tournament and a dodgeball tournament. A fantastic way to energize, motivate and improve the team dynamic. Don’t hesitate to speak to one of our friendly team for more information.

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