Top 5 Creative Corporate Event Ideas

When planning corporate events, it’s crucial to find unique ideas that cater to your specific team’s preferences. Basic team bonding activities and conferences may lead to a disconnect within the group. To solidify workplace relationships and improve company culture, opt for activities that resonate with everyone. 

Some team members might enjoy adventurous experiences, while others prefer quieter bonding opportunities. Choose wisely to create a memorable event that will be talked about for years to come.

Tips for your Corporate Event

Company events are on the rise due to their crucial role in fostering strong workplace dynamics and enhancing organisational culture. The Annual ICE Report predicts a significant 83% increase in corporate sector spending on events and brand experiences. 

These gatherings serve as platforms for team bonding, encouraging collaboration, and boosting employee morale. They offer opportunities for employees to unwind, socialise, and engage in activities that strengthen loyalty and productivity. 

To ensure the success of your events, follow our tips and fun corporate event ideas that will not only foster team bonding and collaboration but also create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere, leaving a lasting positive impact on your workforce and overall company culture.

1) Create A Friendly Atmosphere

If nobody feels at ease at your company event, it’s not going to be very easy to network and socialise! By creating an atmosphere where everyone feels at ease and free to let (just a little bit!) loose, you’re doing yourself and your business a huge favour. 

2) Ensure Your Event Is Well Catered

There’s absolutely nothing worse than attending an event, and for there to be no food whatsoever. Whether it’s a little buffet filled with light snacks or a couple of food vans from local vendors parked onsite: if you want your teammates and guests to be happy and cooperative, food is a definite must. 

3) Get Interactive

No one wants to be talked at for hours on end. For your corporate event to succeed, we recommend taking a look at our list of fun corporate event ideas below. Not a single one of them involves lectures or seminars, but they all involve bringing you and your team a lot closer together to boost team spirit. Here are the most exciting corporate event ideas to inspire you and your business. 

5 of The Best Corporate Event Ideas For Your Business

1) A Bake-Off Style Corporate Event

Corporate Event Ideas

Whether you’re just an average baker or a real Paul Hollywood, planning a good old-fashioned British bake-off might be just the right mix to bring your team closer together. You don’t knead to be a fantastic cook, just the right attitude and the ability to laugh at yourself. Whether you end up with anything that’s actually edible is really beside the point: the competition should be the only thing that’s healthy at this great corporate event!

This event can be transformed to best suit whatever situation you might be in, as well as having the potential to be incredibly cost-effective. For example,  this bake-off can become an entirely virtual event. Simply send your colleagues the ingredients they’ll need for an easy (ish!) bake a week or so in advance, and then not tell them what they’re baking until everyone is on the video call!

If your bakes are particularly spectacular, consider holding an auction at the end of the day! By selling your bakes, you can raise money for a charity of your choosing. Whatever or whoever you end up fundraising for, it’s an added bonus to the fun you had while baking with your team.

2) Create An Outdoor Cinema Event

Corporate Event Ideas

Setting up an outdoor cinema sounds a lot more challenging than it actually is! The first trick is investing in a good quality projector and screen. Although this corporate event entertainment idea might be a little bit on the pricier side, you’ll be creating memories with your team that will be absolutely priceless.

The second trick is setting the right ambience and making your team feel special. Why not hold your event on a significant workplace anniversary or milestone? That way, your team will feel recognised and celebrated! Whether you decide to throw your event at your workplace, or you decide to choose another venue to host your outdoor cinema party, decorating your themed corporate event is guaranteed to bring people closer together.

Kents Hill Park offers lots of beautiful outside space that might just be the perfect fit for your outside cinema event. Pop-up cinema experiences, like the ones that Pop Up Cinema Hire offer, take all of the stress out of setting up your event, so you can relax with your team.  Pair this event with a hearty picnic and you’re definitely on to a winner!

3) A Muddy Corporate Obstacle Course Event

Corporate Event Ideas

In the warmer months, this activity will be the perfect opportunity to really get (excuse the pun): stuck in. Grab your scruffiest and comfiest clothes, and prepare to complete an energetic and fast-paced obstacle course that’s bound to put you through your paces.  Although a little bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone, this exercise is a unique company event and also brilliant for those who just want to have a laugh and get a tad mucky with their coworkers! 

The best part is that you don’t even need to set it up yourself! Throughout the UK, there are numerous companies, including Off Limits, that we collaborate with at Kents Hill Park. They offer an extensive selection of team-building activities and personalised events.

Tough Mudder events happen all across the UK, and they’re a lot of fun to get involved with. People come from far and wide to participate in this obstacle course, where the main aim is (you’ve guessed it!) to have fun and get very very muddy! No matter what, by taking part you’re bound to get a lot closer to your team. Both emotionally and physically!

4) Throw A Masquerade Ball At Kents Hill Park

Corporate Event Ideas

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to put on your glad rags and get all dolled up, look no further than an elegant masquerade ball! A night of dancing, being social and eating lots of delicious food awaits! Have a boogie, have a drink (or two!) and enjoy your night of mystery and excitement. Your attendees will have a magical night that will be the talk of the office for years to come. 

At Kents Hill Park, we know how to have a good time, and we can offer a range of spaces that are perfect for an even wider range of events! From parties to conferences, and even to private dining experiences: however you want your corporate event to be, we can help to make your dreams a reality and create a truly great team-building event.

Our venue has room to hold up to 600 guests, and if you wanted your corporate event to become more of a team-building corporate weekend, our accommodation suites are both practical and comfortable. Our meeting rooms are also fantastic for corporate events and are light, airy and spacious in order to promote productivity and focussed sessions. 

5) Create A Photo Challenge Scavenger Hunt Event

corporate event ideas photo Corporate Event Ideas

With the advancements in technology, come another million and one ways to potentially complete a photo challenge scavenger hunt. If your team is full of bright young things with big ideas and even bigger Instagram followings, create #hashtags for your employees to post their digital photos with, so you can see all of your groups’ contributions all in one place.

Or, if you’re feeling brave, create a brand new Instagram for each competing team for them to post directly to. This is a great fun corporate event idea for teams that have a limit on time to complete their challenges.

However, if you’ve got a little more time to spare on the preparation side of things, present your competitive teams with a disposable camera each, and a month-long deadline. Whatever team comes back in a month’s time with the most creative images (and displayed/presented in the most creative format) wins! If you’re looking for inspiration for what kind of photographic challenges to set, have a look online for suggestions. 

5 Exciting Ideas for Corporate Events

Just because your event is a corporate one, that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring and serious. A corporate event is all about bringing your team closer together and are the perfect ice breakers, as a close-knit team is practically guaranteed to be a more productive team. 

A good work ethic isn’t just thrown together, it takes time to grow and develop into. Just to recap, here are our top 5 corporate event ideas for your workforce to try out!

  1. A Bake-Off Style Corporate Event
  2. Create A Outdoor Cinema Event
  3. A Muddy Corporate Obstacle Course Event
  4. Throw A Masquerade Ball at Kents Hill Park 
  5. Create A Photo Challenge Event

If you’re looking for somewhere to hold your exciting corporate event in the Milton Keynes area, then look no further than Kents Hill Park. Kents Hill Park is a fantastic venue and training centre that specialises in creating immaculate and bespoke event spaces. 

Our dedicated conference facilities are perfect for your event and our outside courtyard is perfect for corporate team-building activities. 

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