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10 Team Away Day Ideas


When considering what makes a good team away day you need to know a little bit about your team and what they enjoy. A lot of teams enjoy team-building activities so whether you’re a sports team or you’re looking for corporate away day ideas, an activity is an excellent route to go down. 

One of the key benefits of a team away day is employees getting to speak to more people across departments that they wouldn’t usually speak to. An activity also breaks down the barriers if people are trying to get to know each other but are unsure what to talk about. So if you’re looking for team away day ideas that your team will enjoy, take a look at our list below. 

  1. Escape Room
  2. Mini Golf
  3. Summer BBQ
  4. Activity Centre
  5. Murder Mystery
  6. Paintballing or Laserquest
  7. Sports Day
  8. Go Karting
  9. Themed Team Building
  10. Weekend away

What is a Good Team Building Activity?

  1. Escape Room

Escape rooms are the perfect ice breaker for your team! Your team members will be required to enter a room and solve a series of challenges to escape. This is a chance for smaller teams to get to know each other whilst learning about their abilities and colleagues’ strengths. Escape rooms are an affordable and fun team away day idea for individuals to work under pressure and to think proactively.

  1. Mini Golf

Getting your team together and bonding over a fun game of mini golf is a great way to break the ice for your employees whilst giving them a break from office life. A bit of friendly competition is a fantastic way of helping your employees to build and develop new relationships within the workplace whilst encouraging your team to try out a new skill. With outdoor and indoor options, this is a fantastic company away day idea all year round. 

  1. Summer BBQ

As soon as the sun begins to shine your team will start to think about the late summer evenings and that delicious BBQ smell. Hosting your very own team summer BBQ, whether you choose to host it onsite or offsite is a great way of rewarding your team and recognising their achievements. This is also a great informal setting that’s a good alternative to your typical corporate away day sit down meals.

  1. Activity Centre

Activity centres are a fantastic place for you to host your team away days, and will have plenty of great team activity ideas for you to choose from. Whether you are looking to enhance the relationships between your team or to improve your company’s culture, activity centres are a great team away day idea that can help to tick all of your boxes.  

  1. Murder Mystery

Murder mystery events are a popular team away day idea and are guaranteed to add excitement and thrill to your corporate event. Murder mystery events help to improve the communication skills of your team members whilst having to use plenty of creativity to deal with problem-solving tasks. Whether you are looking to host this team away day idea virtually or at a murder mystery event venue, you can be sure this will bring your team lots of laughter in a fun and challenging environment. 

  1. Paintballing or Laserquest

Ensuring your team spend time together in a fun and positive environment is one of the most important steps you will need to take to improve the retention and productivity levels of your staff. A fantastic work away day idea that all of your employees are going to love is paintballing or laser quest. These team away day ideas are suitable for all ages and are a great way of building relationships whilst enjoying a fun day out!

  1. Sports Day

Compay sports days are a chance for your team to take a trip down memory lane and to put their fitness to the test with a number of sports activities. Sports days allow you to reward your employees for all their hard work and dedication whilst taking on some much-loved traditional sports games. Outdoor activities not only improve the mental and physical health of your team, but they also help to create some fantastic memories whilst boosting morale. A bit of healthy competition among the team is always fun too.

  1. Go Karting

Go-karting is a great way of enjoying a competition whilst providing a memorable team-building experience that your employees will not forget. Whether your team are adrenaline enthusiasts or would prefer to watch from the sidelines, this corporate away day idea is a popular way of strengthening your team’s abilities whilst showing your company’s ethos. 

  1. Themed team building

Themed team-building ideas are a chance for your peers to channel their creativity and to improve the trust, communication and productivity levels within your team. There are a number of companies such as our partner OffLimits who provide themed team building activities such as Crystal Quest based on the popular TV show.

  1. Weekend Away 

Team weekends away are a chance for your employees to relax and enjoy a series of activities that help to promote the values and ethos of your company. Team weekends away are important for team bonding as they encourage individuals to enhance their relationships with their peers whilst being motivated towards incentives. 

How do you Run a Team Away Day?

It’s time to ditch virtual team building and enjoy each other’s company! Whether your team away day is to recognise your employees for all their hard work or for team-building activities, you should first establish its purpose and create an agenda. When planned correctly, a work away day can have a huge impact on the performance levels of your team. 

To complete your company away day, tie in your AGM and celebrate with a meal or evening entertainment. Our business centre at Kents Hill Park welcomes the chance for you to host your team away day and offers a large space suitable for a wide variety of team-building activities, summer parties, conferences and many more.  We also offer bedrooms for a comfortable and well rounded corporate retreat for your whole team.

Our partnership with OffLimits delivers you and your team a number of engaging team-building activities that help to build and develop the productivity, motivation and collaboration levels of your team. Our team-building events encourage your team to think outside the box whilst increasing communication and problem-solving skills.

Team building activities provide employees with a fulfilling experience that promotes a “can do” attitude that can be brought back into the office. So to find out more or to begin planning your next corporate away day at Kents Hill Park, please feel free to get in touch with a friendly member of our team. 

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