Consider a Business Meeting Venue in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire has originally developed as a Greater London, Buckinghamshire. Milton Keynes boasts a vibrant town centre and has to offer plenty of local amenities to suit everyone, from big-city commuters to local commuters. As the UK’s biggest and fastest-growing town, there are many benefits to having your business meeting venue in Milton Keynes. 


The Benefits of a Meeting Venue in Milton Keynes

1. Easily Accessible

Kents Hill Park is the ideal conference centre and business meeting venue in Milton Keynes is conveniently located at the centre point between London, Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge. By train, commuters can easily travel from London within 35 minutes. Which is an easy opportunity to host your business meeting venue off-site without having to travel far. 

Our Milton Keynes business meeting venue is also within easy access to London Luton, London Heathrow, London Stansted, Birmingham and East Midlands airport to offer global business opportunities for you and your employees.

Milton Keynes has to offer some of the fastest free-flowing roads in Europe, along with easy motorway access as Kents Hill Park business venue is just minutes away from Milton Keynes Centre. With the easy access in Milton Keynes to local conference and meeting venues, there is a high number of people that visit the area, for business or leisure, due to the large capacity of shops, restaurants and cafes which boasts around 27 million visits per annum. 

2. Networking Opportunities 

Milton Keynes is one of Britain’s fastest growing cities in regards to its population, with over 2.8 million people and over 19 million people living within a short drive to Central Milton Keynes. This means business is growing rapidly in the area, providing a fantastic opportunity for businesses to reach people by holding business meetings, conferences and training sessions in the area. This can help build new working relationships that are beneficial for business growth. 

Our business meeting venue in Milton Keynes ticks all the boxes, as it is a great opportunity for business growth. As a business leader where you host your business meeting venue is highly important, you’ll want your company to be located in an area that is beneficial and provides networking opportunities. Milton Keynes being highly populated has its benefits to businesses, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people that would benefit your business. Whether it is new staff members, clients, or your competition. 

3. A Vast Range of Facilities 

Having your business meeting venue in Milton Keynes is a fantastic opportunity to enhance employee engagement and develop strategies and strong relationships with the wide range of facilities provided. 

Whether you choose to use the business meeting venues facilities in Milton Keynes or would prefer to venture out, then Milton Keynes has plenty to offer. Milton Keynes is one of the nations top shopping destinations with an inviting food court, and cutting-edge facilities.

As a business, it is crucial to build and maintain valuable relationships with stakeholders and staff members. Corporate hospitality is a driving force in many businesses’ marketing strategies as it is such a great way to build upon relationships with clients, both professionally and personally. 

Planning and attending events with your team helps to create new strategies focusing on business growth, and your team member’s connections and shared interests. This will naturally help to strengthen your employees and the reputation of your brand. 

Why the Venue of a Meeting is Important

For any conference, meeting or training event, the venue plays an important part and has a large contribution to the success of your corporate event. Selecting the right meeting venue that delivers an impactful experience for visitors, partners and clients can help bring attention to your business as well as many other benefits. A few other reasons as to why choosing the right venue is important are: 

  1. Creates an Impactful Impression
  2. New Networking Opportunities
  3. Delivers the Appropriate Message
  4. Influences Meeting Success 

What are the Characteristics of the Best Conference Venues?

When looking for the perfect meeting or conference venue it’s important to search for a venue with the right characteristics to ensure your event is a success and enhances your brand’s image. What is considered a ‘good’ characteristic within a meeting or conference venue is: 

  1. Easy Access
  2. Professional Facilities
  3. Modern Technology
  4. Free Parking
  5. Catering Facilities
  6. Flexible Meeting Spaces
  7. Professional and Experienced Staff Members

Learn more about what makes a great meeting venue here.

The Benefits of Meeting in any Organization

Meetings come with many benefits, especially when hosted offsite in a meeting venue such as Kents Hill Park. Meetings are an opportunity to bring teams together whilst enhancing communication, collaboration, motivation and productivity skills in a new environment away from the office. Offsite meetings in particular are great for recognising new skills, self-growth and an opportunity to brainstorm new ideas.  

  1. Enhancing Communication Skills 
  2. Encouraging Team Collaboration
  3. Increasing Motivation
  4. Improving Productivity Levels
  5. Recognising New Skills
  6. Self Growth
  7. Brain Storm New Ideas

Kents Hill Park Business Meeting Venue

At Kents Hill Park, to help you find the perfect venue, we offer a flexible and professional business meeting venue in Milton Keynes. Our meeting and event spaces are an environment of a conducive learning and we recognise how vital it is for your business to ensure you receive the return on investment when hosting training or conference sessions. This is why we provide you with confidence that our Milton Keynes business meeting venue provides such a wide range of facilities and delegate packages that will benefit your business. 

Our team of trained professionals will provide you with onsite support throughout your experience with us. We provide the essentials to run an effective meeting and training session in our business meeting venue to ensure that your needs are met on time. 

Our conference rooms and meeting rooms in Milton Keynes are equipped with the latest technology you will need to run a successful course as well as free parking and catering facilities. Our meeting spaces include high-speed free wifi, projectors, screens, blackout options, flip charts, AV technology and HDMI ports. 

The Benefits of a Meeting in Milton Keynes

  1. Easily Accessible
  2. Networking Opportunities
  3. A Vast Range of Facilities

If you would like to find out more about our business meeting venue in Milton Keynes and how it will benefit your business, then contact a friendly member of our team and we will be happy to book a meeting room for you.

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