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Benefits of hosting an offsite meeting


Holding a company offsite meeting away from the office has a number of benefits, both in terms of productivity and the facilities of the meeting venue. Discover our top reasons to host your meeting offsite.

New surroundings for improved creativity

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Fresh Perspective

Meetings in the same office room can become repetitive and leave delegates lacking in motivation. A new setting can inspire your team and encourage them to have fresh ideas. It may give a chance for team members to have new solutions to problems.

Changing up the routine can also boost morale within the office, a vital trait for a productive team. You should find that with an offsite team meeting, ideas are everywhere.

Increased productivity

A quick round-up in the meeting room isn’t the vest way to get delegates excited about the content you will cover in the meeting. Because you have travelled to your meeting instead of holding it in the office, your team are more likely to be invested. This means they’ll be more productive and motivated to get things done. We have many offsite meeting ideas for improving employee engagement.

Offsite meeting venues have everything you need

offsite meeting room

Up to date technology

The majority of meeting venues and event spaces will be equipped with all the latest technology to make your board meeting productive. This can include AV technology, superfast WIFI and blackout facilities to ensure you give the best meeting. Your offsite meeting space may have some facilities but by heading off-site you can ensure you have a range of comprehensive equipment. Offsite meeting rooms can be important when meeting with clients as you want to give the best impression.

Needs are catered for

With staff on hand at a dedicated venue, all your delegates’ needs can be catered for, allowing them to focus on the meeting. Water, coffee and light refreshments can be provided, leaving delegates refreshed and ready to work. You can also choose a space which is perfect for the number of delegates you have.

Having too many people squeezed into one room will be hot and cramped, whereas a room that’s too large feels too empty. Speak to the staff of the meeting space to ensure you get the capacity right.

Can be tailored to delegates

Depending on who will be attending the meeting from your company or client base, you can choose a location which is central to all delegates. This means everyone will have an easier journey which will increase turnout. Meeting venues also have additional benefits such as lots of parking spaces and accommodation for those who are travelling from afar.

Take the time away from the office to make sure you get it right

offsite meeting room

Having an offsite meeting from time to time can be the ideal way to motivate delegates and give your team members a fresh perspective. Even if you can’t make it out every time, scheduling longer or more important meetings offsite can positively impact your workplace. You’ll be less distracted and this should allow you to get more done.

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At Kents Hill Park in Milton Keynes, we have 70 meeting and training rooms ranging from syndicates of ten to conferences for 350 so don’t forget to think of us when planning an offsite meeting. We can arrange these conference  rooms in a variety of configurations from U-Shaped to the classic boardroom.

Delegates will enjoy the comfort of ergonomically-designed chairs, natural daylight and blackout facilities if needed. Our team can also provide delicious catering options and comfortable accommodation for your delegates. Don’t hesitate to get in contact today for more information or to book a room.