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organising a charity event

Tips for Organising a Charity Event 


Organising a charity event is a fantastic way of raising money for your chosen charity as well as getting the message out to the public. Organising a charity event can be a scary prospect, and even the most experienced event planners will come across challenges. With the help of our handy guide on how to organise a fundraising event, you can be sure to achieve the most for your chosen charity.

It is down to you to deliver your attendees a quality experience and spread awareness for your charity and how it’s impacting lives. For hosting an impactful charity event, implement these tips to enhance ticket sales and charitable donations.

How to Organise a Charity Event 

The key to success when organising a charity event is careful planning and establishing your goal for the event, its budget and target audience. Read on to find out more tips on how to organise a successful fundraising event. 

1. Choose your Cause

The first plan of action when organising a charity event is the choosing type of event you are looking to host and establishing the cause you are looking to raise money for. If you have already thought about organising a fundraising event then chances are you are already aware of the charity you are looking to raise funds for. 

It’s important when organising a charity event to be clear on who you are raising money for and why. Choosing a suitable cause can help with the planning process by defining your guest list, decorations, fundraising aim and creating an effective promotional strategy. 

2. Set a Budget

Your charity event venue hire, entertainment, food and drinks will all be dependent on the budget of your event, so it’s important to set an accurate budget that allows you to save money, making sure to set some aside for each area. Setting a budget that allows you to achieve the most out of your event can help you to start considering extras that will give your event that special wow factor.

Once you have established your events budget start to think about ideas that will make your event stand out and will attract your target audience. Whether that’s inviting in guest speakers, entertainment or caterers that resemble the cause of your event.

3. Secure your Charity Event Venue

Now you have established a budget for your event you can begin to search for charity event venues that will help to bring your vision to life. Take into account the requirements of your event, if you are looking to host a small charity event then you may want to search for a smaller venue, yet if you are looking to host a large event then you will want to book an event venue a few months in advance that offers large spaces easily adapted to the size requirements of your event.

It’s also important to consider where your guests are travelling from. If your guests are travelling from afar then it’s wise to select a charity event venue such as Kents Hill Park that offers the full experience with accommodation, dining and leisure facilities available, this way you and your attendees can rest assured that everything is available onsite. 

4. Book your Entertainment 

Selecting the right entertainment is the perfect way in making your event unique and relevant to its cause. Many charity event venues such as Kents Hill Park will have recommendations to hand for local entertainment and decoration suppliers to keep everyone entertained on the day of your fundraising event leading to further donations. 

You could also introduce fundraising competitions with games and prizes to bring in donations for your charity, or potentially invite motivational speakers to deliver impactful messages encouraging attendees to donate. 

5. Publicise your Event!

The final step to organising your charity event is to publicise it! Publicising your event through various platforms such as social media, content marketing, email marketing and advertising is a great way to spread the message and invite guests to your event increasing charitable donations. Some popular marketing platforms to advertise your event are Mailchimp, Facebook and Linkedin

Before you start advertising your event, have a clear vision of your target audience. Who are you targeting and how can they impact your event? Use your marketing platforms wisely by sparking conversations, debates and offering incentives that will draw attraction to your fundraising event, this is a great strategy to encourage shares and get people talking prior to your event.

How to Organise a Charity Event 

  1. Choose your Cause
  2. Set a Budget
  3. Secure your Charity Event Venue
  4. Book your Entertainment
  5. Publicise your Event

How do you run a Charity Event? 

Most importantly, after your charity event has finished thank your guests and donors for all their charitable donations and support. This is a great way to end a charity event as it highlights the importance of the cause and encourages people to return in the future may you host another event. 

Use the end of your charity event as an opportunity to reach out to local columnists by sending press releases regarding your fundraising event and raising awareness of your cause to increase donations.

Securing the Perfect Charity Event Venue

At Kents Hill Park we welcome you to host your upcoming charity event with flexible meeting, seminar and conference rooms available easily adapted to the size of your event. We offer a range of modern facilities that include private dining rooms, catering facilities, flexible event spaces, delegate packages and comfortable rooms allowing your attendees to relax and make the most out of your event.  

To start organising your upcoming fundraising event contact us today to speak to a member of our events team who will be happy to assist with any queries you may have.