7 of the best conference gift ideas

If you attend a conference, you always research speakers and prepare which areas you want to visit. Another favourite part of conference attending is the freebies that you receive throughout the days. Mugs and pens branded with relevant company logos are a key part of the day for brand awareness. Conference gifts are not only fun for the receiver, but if you’re holding a conference, gifts or “swag bags” are an important part of your marketing strategy.

 There you want to ensure they’re worthwhile and something your delegates will keep. At Kents Hill, we are highly experienced in hosting a range of different conferences and have a wealth of experience in all aspects. Our team have come up with some of our favourite gifts which you can brand and give away at your next corporate event.

Conference gift bag ideas

Often conferences are busy and if you are running a single stand, it can be hard to attract guests to speak to you. Having a good piece of merch will encourage people over and trigger a conversation. During this engagement, you will be making connections that lead to potential sales.

This is why it’s so worthwhile to have branded product gifts people actually want. The general consensus is that delegates want something reusable and high quality. Although this may be less economical for you, it means you can reap more potential benefits and avoid waste. Here are some of our favourite ideas:


A mug is probably one of the most simple but effective conference goodie bag ideas. The majority of people spend their time, particularly at work, sipping tea and coffee. Create some branded mugs which catch peoples eyes and hand them out.

They’re great advertising for future conferences and give delegates a souvenir to remember the day by. Mugs can be reused and are fairly economical to make.

Free trials

Depending on your conference, you may have certain apps and programmes that are related. This means you can invest in some free trials for your guests. Not only does it keep them happy, but advertises the product for the creator. In theory, the user should be getting excited and enjoying their use of the product so much they convert to a paying customer, therefore it benefits everyone.

Edible Conference souvenir ideas

In a bustling and hot conference, your delegates will be delighted to be given some form of refreshment or event gift. Walking around all day gets tiring so guests will automatically flock to your stall for a pick me up. Simply adorn with your brand to advertise.


It’s the general consensus that any type of food is a great conference souvenir idea. It’s something delegates can snack on throughout the conference and the stalls handing these out are always very popular. Consider using a hashtag for your conference food to encourage delegates to post their snacks on social media. Any way you can get the name and details of your event passed around is good advertising. If guests use the hashtag, that means every person that follows them will see your event. Times that by the number of people who will post and you have a simple campaign going.

Water bottles

With the rise of the plastic reduction movement, more people than ever are investing in a reusable water bottle, particularly the ones which stay cool all day. Utilise this for your conference and give delegates promotional items that advertise your event. Guests can use them all year round and be consistently advertising your event. 

Think about all the places someone would use a water bottle. At work, at the gym, on the train, and every time they do, the public gets a mini promo of your conference. Even small things like this can generate big interest and sales.

Tech gifts for conference attendees

In the golden age of technology, every conference you attend has some sort of “techy” corporate gift of promotional products. These items are often the thing delegates genuinely use after the event, although they can be more expensive to purchase.

Power banks

With so many of us using our phones, laptops, iPads and whatever else on the go, power banks are always cool conference gifts. Charge your devices on the go, use at festivals, on trains, at conferences, the list is endless. Useful tools are always the most well-received so adorn a power bank with your conference branding and you’re good to go. Using Customisable power banks you can easily brand these with your logo and hand out.

Smartphone card holder

People value convenience and often want to leave the house with just phone and car keys. Smartphone card holders are ideal, you simply peel the sticker off and attach to your phone case. Then you can slot in your driving license, debit card and whatever else you need. These are something delegates will keep hold of and will be showing off every time they pull their phone out.


Another conference gift bag idea which is all the rage at the moment. As phones get bigger they get harder to hold and that’s where PopSockets come in. Another easy phone case attachment which gives you an easy grip and ensures the delegates have a useful keepsake.

Conference hosting facilities

At Kents Hill Park, we’re experts at holding successful conferences and meetings, with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Located in Milton Keynes, we offer hi-speed Wi-Fi connections, climate-controlled air conditioning, refreshment stations and business centre facilities for delegates and trainers.

We are dedicated to training, conferencing and learning so you can be sure our spaces are perfect for you. Please don’t hesitate to speak to our team today for any information you need, special requirements, or to book. We look forward to hearing from you.

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