Serviced Offices vs Conventional Offices

Finding the perfect office space for your business is essential to the productivity and mental health of your team, from serviced offices to conventional offices, or even virtual offices. Conventional offices have many benefits, allowing you to design your own office space and tailor it to your organisation. Serviced offices have become increasingly popular due to the flexibility workers now need to go in and out of the office due to working from home, travelling, or meeting clients for meetings. 

Although, there are many other benefits, depending on your business’s requirements either option could be suitable for you. We’ll go more into a breakdown of them below.  

What is a Serviced Office?

A serviced office is a fully furnished office space, often fully equipped with technology and all the facilities you need to run meetings and to effectively utilise as an everyday office. Serviced offices are managed by an operator or organisation providing the client with flexible terms.

What is a Conventional Office?

Conventional Offices are suitable for long-term use, they are ideal for businesses needing a consistent office working space for their employees, these are often rented or owned. Conventional spaces often allow you to have complete freedom with the design to make it suitable to the business, from branding colours and logos throughout the office space. 

The Benefits to a Serviced Office 

Serviced Offices Provide Flexibility 

Serviced offices provide a lot of flexibility, you can decide when you want and don’t want the workspace depending on your schedule. These options become very limited when you are renting out a conventional unfurnished office space, you may find yourself paying for a workspace but not needing it.

Serviced Offices Provide Facilities 

Many serviced offices have to offer useful facilities and technology to allow you and your team to work efficiently. You can receive additional support from staff members to help with printing, photocopying and other duties. Having no hidden costs allows you to save money for yourself and your organisation, helping the preparation of meetings and conferences. 

Serviced Offices are Cost-Effective 

Whether you are looking for a semi-permanent office space for the month, week, or even for the day. Serviced offices allow you to pay only for the space required which often means having access to the technology and equipment you need, providing you with extra cash leftover from your budgeting that you can put into the business. 

The Benefits of a Conventional Office 

Bespoke Office Design 

Traditional office workspaces allow you to use your creative flair and design the office space tailored to the organisation. This could include representing the brand’s identity and the companies culture.

This is also a great opportunity to incorporate wall art and regularly switch up designs. Being able to design your own office space allows you to achieve its full potential in terms of space, you can frequently move desks around once you have determined the office’s layout to make it as efficient as possible for your team. 


One of the main benefits of having a conventional office space is that it provides workers with familiarity, allowing them to feel comfortable and adapt to their surroundings as well as the location itself. Familiarity within the workplace provides a structure for employees and a well-structured routine. 

Having your employees feel familiar with the workplace has proven to improve employee satisfaction and improve productivity within the workforce

Networking Opportunities

Conventional leases in business centres can provide many networking opportunities that can be beneficial in the long run. From making new client connections or meeting individuals that could be a valuable asset to your business, the networking opportunities are endless. 

Deciding on your Businesses Workspace 

To make the best decision for your workforce it is important to understand your company’s needs. Find out how long you will need to use the office space for, the facilities you need and take your employee’s thoughts into consideration. If you are only requiring a workspace for a few days a week it is worth looking into a serviced office space, yet if you are needing a permanent office and are looking to grow your business then you may prefer to go for a conventional working space. 

The most vital thing to take from this article is to understand your business and your business’s needs, once you are aware of this, you should be able to make a better decision on your workspace. 

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