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funny gifts for boss

Funny Gifts for the Boss for Secret Santa


Secret Santa

Funny Gifts for the Boss for Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a great idea for a big office. It means everyone gets something to unwrap, without breaking the bank. If you get someone you don’t know particularly well, it can be frustrating trying to work out what they’d actually like.

Usually, the jackpot is getting someone you’re fairly close to, as you can gauge whether they’d like something funny or something useful. If you pull your boss’ name out of the hat, this has the potential to fill you with dread. You certainly don’t want to purchase anything too risqué, however, everyone appreciates a laugh. We’ve put together some ideas for the best Secret Santa funny gifts for the boss.

Our Funny Secret Santa Ideas for your Boss…

funny gifts for boss

…Who Loves a Hot Beverage

For any tea and coffee lover, you can’t go wrong with a coffee mug, especially one that’s personal to the user. We love this one from Etsy:

This secret Santa gift for the boss is basic but still very useful, particularly if your boss likes a takeaway coffee. The Stojo On the Go Coffee Cup comes in a range of colours and can be taken on the go. Most places now charge less if you bring your own cup, so it’s saving money as well as the environment:

…Who Deserves a Little Relaxation

If your boss spends their days running around and is always stressed, something to help them unwind will always be appreciated. We love this massaging eye mask, which can relieve headaches and tension: Funny Secret Santa gifts aren’t for every boss so don’t feel that you have to make the whole office laugh. Something thoughtful can have just as much impact.

A good idea for a boss who likes to decorate their office and stay relaxed. We think this mini zen garden is a great addition to any desk and improves concentration. The stone even has an incense holder for the ultimate relaxing lunch break:

…Who Likes the Odd Glass of Wine

A great, thoughtful gift idea for a funny boss who loves a glass of wine. This good day, bad day glass combines functionality with a little laugh: If you’re looking for gag gifts a female or male boss, this one should definitely be on your radar!

…If your Budget can Stretch

If your budget is a little bigger and your boss has a furry friend, we think this personalised dog lead holder is perfect. You can choose the breed of the dog and the name for a great piece of homeware.

Depending on the budget, an experience day is always a great Christmas gift. Consider paintballing, a drive in a nice car or even a nice meal. Virgin Experience Days’ website has a range of fantastic things to do which are sure to put you in your boss’ good books: These days out can have a range of feelings, from the pride of making something yourself to being a funny secret Santa gift idea for the boss so you’re sure to find something they’ll love.

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Funny Gifts for the Boss for Secret Santa

If your workplace is doing Secret Santa, ensure everyone’s identities are kept secret until after all the presents have been opened. Bonus points if you can guess who purchased your gift! If you’re having a party or work meal, ask everyone to unwrap their novelty gifts then and get everyone guessing.

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