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Show your appreciation with our range of party ideas for work including office party ideas, work Christmas party ideas and virtual office party ideas. 

If you run a team you’ll understand the importance of perks and rewards for your employees’ morale. It’s important to show appreciation for the hard work they’ve done. Little things like an early finish on a Friday, ordering in pizza for lunch or a bonus holiday day can all motivate your team to do their best. This is why we’ve created a blog on party ideas for work.

Throwing a work party for your business is a fantastic way to get everyone together. Not only does it give the team a chance to socialise outside of the typical workday, but it’s a big “thank you” and a chance to have some fun.

Why not organise a company party after a big project or deal has been completed as a celebration? Your team will be thrilled by the gesture. We think a work party is a great idea and there are so many different ways you can do it.

So without further ado, here is our guide on our favourite party ideas for work!

Work Party Themes

If you have a larger budget, find a theme for your party so guests have the chance to dress up and get in the party spirit. If you are undecided on a theme, ask around the office and see what your employees want to do. Consider making an online poll so people can vote for their favourite party ideas for work.


Why not create an adult’s playground by creating an exciting circus or carnival theme for your office party to deliver an atmosphere of excitement and fun. This is an excellent option for those companies with a bigger budget to spend as you can go all out on creating the perfect atmosphere. 

This party idea for work requires some planning so we recommend a team effort for this event. You’ll need to find a large field space to use so bonus points if you have one at your workplace, if not, shop around online and hire one locally. Set up a vintage sign outside to show guests where to go.

Next, you’ll need to think about which vendors you want. There are so many food options to go for, so we recommend sticking to the classics. Popcorn and candyfloss machines or ice cream trucks will go down a treat, plus hot dogs or fish and chips food trucks are an excellent food for this type of event. Get some toffee apples for a real taste of nostalgia.

Hire carnival performers such as magicians and dancers for your parties entertainment, and our favourite activity is the big wheel, perfect for a photo opportunity! Why not add a photo booth with carnival-themed props for an extra addition to your entertainment. We would definitely recommend a carnival theme for a large scale work party with a bigger budget!

Work party themes


If you’re feeling lucky, a casino themed corporate party is an epic chance for everyone to dress up and try their hand.

This is a great work party idea as if you have a large space in your office you can host it there or you can hire an event space for an immersive experience.

Jump online and find a casino hire company in your area, or if you’re feeling creative, why not try your hand at making your own. Pinterest has loads of inspiration and tutorials for your very own DIY casino night. If you don’t want to use real money, have tokens and arrange a prize for the person who gets the most.  Serve fancy cocktails and invite everyone to arrive in black tie for an authentic night at the casino.

Annual Staff Party Ideas

If you have an annual staff party every year, a BBQ is a must for an inexpensive summer get together. For a smaller office, someone’s garden is the perfect location for a cost-effective party or even a rooftop if you’re feeling fancy.

If there will be a larger guest list, hire a venue that offers outdoor space or a spot at a local country park or with BBQ facilities and get ready for some fun in the sun. Grab plenty of sausages, burgers, potato salad, and don’t forget to check everyone’s dietary requirements!

For entertainment, take things old school with some childhood favourites such as rounders or office Olympics where everyone can get involved! Find a small prize for the winner of the games. Ask everyone to bring picnic blankets and parasols to make use of the grass space and enjoy your corporate BBQ.

A staff BBQ is also a great corporate event to invite clients to as the relaxed, fun atmosphere is great for networking and developing client relationships. BBQs are a great idea for an annual summer party too!

Annual staff party ideas

Fun Games For Your Office Party

Amidst the food, drinks and chatting, every party needs some entertainment and a few games are a great way to engage your team. You don’t need to have a big budget for this, there are plenty of ways you can make classic games DIY or use online resources to play.

Ask around the office and see what sort of things your employees would like to do. If your team members have a shared love of board games, why not ask everyone to bring their favourites and create a circle for people to play and guests can sit down and join whenever they fancy.

Here are some of our favourite games to play at your office party!

  • “What do you meme.” This is perfect for an office of people with social media knowledge and creativity. Similar to cards against humanity, the players must match their favourite caption card with a photo card, and the judge will decide who’s was the funniest. The perfect ice breaker to get people chatting and laughing.
  • “Think Fast Trivia Game.” An excellent game for those who want to show off their knowledge. This speedy trivia game has 3 rounds which get harder as you go on and is suitable for as many players as you like!
  • “Taking Tables Escape Room Game.” Get through a series of riddles and clues to crack the code and beat this game to make your escape! We love escape rooms and with this board game, you can bring one to the party!
  • Very British Problems Board Game.” The name of this game speaks for itself! Enjoy sitting with other Brits and having a laugh at all your stereotypes!

If you prefer a more traditional board game, you cannot go wrong with Monopoly, Jenga and Cluedo! A pack of cards really has endless possibilities and are cheap to buy. Grab a couple of packs and let your team decide what they want to play.

Party Ideas For Work Conclusion

Now you know some awesome party ideas for work! There are really so many things you can do with a party from theme to entertainment.

Make sure to check out Pinterest for ideas, especially if you’re on a budget. You can find loads of inspiration to make your work party go off with a bang. If you are organising the work party, make sure you take time to enjoy yourself. Take plenty of pictures that you can use for your company’s social media platforms on Monday. 

If you’re looking for a venue to hold your work party at, Kents Hill Park has a wide range of event rooms available for a variety of party sizes, plus we can also offer excellent catering options and comfortable accommodation for your attendees travelling from afar.

Kents Hill Park is a part of The Venues Collection offering corporate parties that might be perfect for your company.

For a corporate party venue in Milton Keynes, get in touch to find out more.

Thank you for reading!

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