How to decorate your Christmas party venue

The work Christmas party has become a mainstay of British comedy, but most real-life work parties are a chance for colleagues who like each other to chat, eat, and maybe have a few drinks or dance. Whether your team is large or small, you’ll want to create a festive atmosphere in the venue, and Christmas decorations are a fun and easy way to do that. Below you’ll find a few tips for doing it yourself but if you’d prefer to have everything taken care of, contact our professional event planning team directly.


Know your limits

A fixed budget, enough space to dance, room for a stage so the CEO can make a speech, low ceilings… understanding the constraints your event has and working around them is essential. As an example, if you’re having a buffet your guests will need plenty of space to walk around and queue so bulky decorations such as Christmas trees might not be appropriate. On the other hand, if you’ve got a stage space, which will only be in use for part of the evening, placing a Christmas tree on each side to ornament it when not in use might be ideal.


Ask the venue for help and suggestions

Ideally, check before you book whether the venue will be able to decorate for you, and if they’re willing for you to decorate. At Kents Hill, our dedicated events team are happy to help plan decorations for guests booking one or more rooms, but we obviously can’t accept any decoration plans that would damage the walls, fixtures or fittings. We run a wide range of different types of events throughout the year, so our team have a lot of experience to offer.


Do you want a theme?

The theme for your work Christmas party may be ‘work Christmas party’ and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, some groups of colleagues enjoy the chance to dress up or find a theme helps as an icebreaker, so may choose a quirky dress code (fancy dress, over the top Christmas jumpers, for example, or hats for example) or a theme that includes activities (such as a winter funfair with sideshows or a spy theme with puzzles) to encourage strangers to chat.


What about branding?

If you’d like to include the company logo or branding in the event, there are lots of options. As an example, you could choose a colour scheme which features your company colours, either as the main element (swagging the entire venue in orange fabric, for example) or an accent (a few orange decorations on the Christmas tree and tables). You may also want to commission banners and signs with your company branding, either to direct guests to the right area or decorate the space. Photo booth dress-up elements themed with your company colours or branding can be a fun, quirky touch.

For more suggestions and advice on planning your work Christmas party with The Venues Collection, please contact the events team.

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