What to look for in a function room

Choosing a function room can be difficult. With so much choice out there it’s easy for it to become a daunting decision, especially with so many different things to think about. Depending on the event you’re having there are several amenities which are essential and features you are going to want. At Kents Hill Park we exceed your expectations in hosting your meetings, events, accommodation and training sessions so don’t hesitate to get in touch today. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of essential things to look for when choosing your function room.

What sort of function are you having?

Whether its an anniversary party, celebration of life,  of a cooperate meeting, you want to begin by looking for function rooms that cater to your certain event. A lot of venues have designated rooms which can be tailored to what you need, whether it be set up in a banquet style for a meal or boardroom style for a training session. Review how many people will be attending and ensure your venue has a suitable size room, of course, you don’t want it to be overcrowded but a small amount of people in a too-large space also creates the wrong mood.


It’s important to ensure the location of the venue is going to be easily accessible for the guests. A manor house in the middle of nowhere is lovely but if someone doesn’t drive, they’re going to struggle to attend without splashing out on taxis. Have a look at the local area and check out the transport links to see if there’s a train station or bus service near to the venue and whether its near to main roads. The attendance will be much better if the location is easy to get to. If you’re interested in one of our party venues at The Venues Collection, then enquire today. For corporate events, association weekends and training days, Kents Hill Park can help.

Everyone needs to eat, whether it be at a lavish party or some refreshments during a meeting. Have a look at your venues catering options ahead of time and make sure they can provide the right food for your event. If you’re having a meeting, for example, tea, coffee and water would be great to flow throughout and perhaps a range of sandwiches during the break. If you’re having a party, think about whether you’d like a sumptuous buffet or a luxurious sit-down meal. If any of your guests have special dietary requirements such as gluten-free or vegetarian, check that they can also be catered for before booking anything.

Amenities and features

Different events will require different features to go smoothly. Of course, for a meeting or training session its crucial to have fast WIFI and a way to present effectively. Make sure you’re aware of any special requirements that guests may have such as the need for access ramps or help for the hearing impaired so that you can confirm your venue will be suitable. Think about whether an outside space would be appropriate so guests can take a stroll, or even for arranging some team building activities. Sometimes it’s the little details that go into events that make it the best.

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