Cheap and cheerful Christmas table gift ideas

If you’re having friends and family over to yours this year for their Christmas dinner, having table gifts for them can be a nice touch. Not only does it show the sign of a good host, but is also a keepsake so they’ll have something to remember the big day with. Amazon, eBay and Etsy are some of the best sites which you can find ideas for a range of different Christmas table gifts. We’ve put together a list of our favourites which you can achieve without breaking the bank.

Christmas table present ideas

We’ve chosen these Christmas themed items so guests can keep them until next year. Most people have a box of Christmas decorations so these are perfect to save and bring out each year. If you can find a way to personalise them for each guest, this is always a nice touch.


An ornament is one of the easiest Christmas table present ideas which guests can keep till the next year to hang on their tree. You can go for a personalised one with the guest’s name on or simply something which would suit their decor.


Festive tin

After a big Christmas meal, guests love to sit back and enjoy a mint. This can provide the perfect opportunity to present your Christmas table gifts. With this personalised tin, mints are given and guests have something they can keep afterwards. Ideal for storing small items safely and is a great memory of the big day.

Christmas Wine Glass Charms

Introducing these delightful Christmas wine glass charms, presented in a charming burgundy organza bag to add a festive touch. These charms make the perfect table gift, adding a touch of sparkle to every champagne glass. Moreover, they serve as wonderful keepsakes that guests can take home. For adorable yet cheap Christmas gifts, look no further!

Christmas Favors for the Table

Once you’ve eaten your Christmas dinner you can hand out these party favours. Each gift is something special which your loved one can take home and will have a keepsake from the evening. You don’t have to get the same thing for everyone, think about each personality and which would fit them the most.

Hot Chocolate tube

Sweets are always a popular present choice. These hot chocolate tubes are handmade and ideal table gifts for Christmas guests to enjoy on a cold winters night. Filled with powder, sweets and marshmallows, this contains everything you need for a delicious drink. You can customise these with a short message for each person.


This is one of our favourite Christmas favours ideas and the perfect choice for a family or friend group of bookworms. Pick up a couple of novels you think each guest will like at a charity shop. Two books should cost around 5 pounds depending on where you go. Make them festive with gold tissue paper and finish with a bow. An inexpensive gift that can give guests hours of entertainment. It can also be enjoyable shopping for them!

Miniature perfumes

Mini perfumes are fantastic table gift ideas, who doesn’t appreciate smelling nice and feeling refreshed? These delightful scents can be found in various shops and department stores, offering a wide selection to choose from. For an added personal touch, consider tailoring the perfumes to match what your guests typically wear. This thoughtful gesture will make your guests feel extra special and cherished.

Cheap and cheerful Christmas table gift ideas

DIY Christmas table favours

If you want to create some little keepsakes that won’t break the bank, have a look at this money-saving expert page for “Top Christmas presents for under a fiver.” A lot of these gifts are homemade and only cost a few pounds so perfect if you have a little time and more people around the dinner table. This an excellent choice for cheap gift ideas this Christmas.

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