7 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Meeting strategy

Hosting or giving a meeting can be stressful. There’s a lot of aspects to get right so you want to make it good. It’s easy to see if a meeting has been successful or a flop. If you are hosting meetings that aren’t going well but you don’t know why we’re here to help. Here are our 7 signs you need to get a new meeting strategy.

There’s no agenda

All meetings need an agenda. Even if it’s just a short catch up, an agenda keeps things on track. It also reduces the risk of getting off-topic. If you don’t have an agenda the meeting can end up going on and becoming futile. Planning is key to a successful meeting.

No Results

If you are consistently getting to the end of meetings and you realise nothing productive has come of it, somethings gone wrong. All meetings should have goals and things to achieve, otherwise, they become pointless. You should always end a meeting by summing up key-points and these should then be sent out to delegates.


It goes without saying but if delegates are restless and yawning, you need to switch your tactics up. Sure, the odd yawn is common on a Monday morning, but if there is a consistent mood of boredom in your meetings, something needs to change.

You don’t feel confident

If you begin to carry out the meeting and you aren’t speaking clearly with shoulders back, this is an issue. People are more prepositioned to listen and accept what a confident person is saying. If you don’t have conviction in your words, they won’t be engaging. Of course, meetings can be daunting, but confidence will make all the difference.

People don’t get involved

The best part of meetings is getting the team together and bouncing ideas off each other. It can be a good way to boost team connection and gain further understanding. If your delegates aren’t getting involved and putting their point across, this is not a good sign. If your delegates are keen to speak, it shows their interest and enthusiasm for the meeting.Boardroom style table in a meeting and training room at Kents Hill Park in Milton Keynes

Delegates aren’t relevant to the meeting

The best way to spoil an otherwise perfectly good meeting is to have delegates who aren’t relevant and therefore don’t want to be there. It will demotivate them whilst potentially distracting other delegates. It only takes a second for concentration to slip and then it can be hard to gain back.

Time runs over

A good meeting should be short, snappy and contain all the relevant information. If things are running over, it’s a good idea to push anything that’s less urgent to another meeting, or even an email. A meeting that runs on for ages always ends in delegates becoming uninterested and not listening. It also reduces motivation for the next meeting.

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