5 ways to make your anniversary party really special

Wedding Anniversaries are a great celebration of the love you share with your partner, whether it be marriage or a relationship. If it’s a significant number or you just feel like celebrating, a wedding anniversary party brings all your loved ones together for a fantastic time. Here’s our guide on how to plan the perfect night.


The first step to any party is to set a budget. Shop around for prices on venues, catering, party decorations and draw up a realistic cost plan from that. At Kents Hill Park, we offer bespoke packages for parties that suit you and your needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

If you want to keep a low budget, there’s nothing wrong with a garden party catered by you with home made decorations. Decide with your partner which option would be best for you, or if it’s a surprise, rope in friends and family to help you out. Dad could help out with the cooking and a musical friend could step in and entertain with their band.

Guest list

Decide on a guest list in plenty of time to maximise the chance everyone can make it. Don’t feel pressure to invite anyone you don’t really want there, remember this is your celebration and you should only surround yourself with people that make you happy. Facebook invites are practical, but a handmade posted invite has a nice touch, and gives guests a physical reminder.


A theme isn’t necessary but can add to the fun of the evening. If it’s a wedding anniversary consider centring it around the tradition gift of your year, for example for 13 years its lace, so have guests wear lace dresses, lace decorations and so on. If you don’t fancy that, maybe pick the theme around a common passion or interest you share with your partner. TV shows, books, activities, you name it, you can have a themed party around it.

DIY it

As previously discussed, budget doesn’t have to be an issue if there’s certain features you want that are too expensive. Instead of hiring a photo booth, have a designated area set up with an iPad and tripod so your guests can take photos. Instead of a photographer, rope in a friend with a decent camera and ask them to document the evening. A great night never has to be expensive.

Special extras

Get creative to make your party extra romantic, especially if it’s a surprise. Create a playlist of you and your partners favourite songs to play, or a pick a hit song from each year they were born. For the evening’s food put together a buffet of all their favourite foods.

Create a cheesy picture timeline of your relationship with heartfelt captions and memories to really pull on their heart strings. Consider getting a guest book for the evening so your loved ones can write about the evening, this way you’ll have something to remember it by forever.


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