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Tips for Planning a Successful Team Training Day

Team training days are an essential aspect of professional growth and development. As an organisation or team leader, it is your responsibility to provide opportunities for your team members to acquir...


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Tips for Organising a Charity Event 

Organising a charity event is a fantastic way of raising money for your chosen charity as well as getting the message out to the public. Organising a charity event can be a scary prospect, and even th...


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Planning A Team Away Day

A team away day can be one of the most motivating days for your team, but only if it is planned and carried out in the right way. They are becoming increasingly popular within business teams, so what ...


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10 Team Away Day Ideas

When considering what makes a good team building away day you need to know a little bit about your team and what they enjoy. A lot of teams enjoy team-building activities so whether you’re a sports ...


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Are Sustainable Events the Future?

Sustainable Events are the future and event organizers need to be prepared! Knowing where to start with sustainable event management is no easy task. At Kents Hill Park, we’ve been offering sustaina...


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Serviced Offices vs Conventional Offices

Finding the perfect office space for your business is essential to the productivity and mental health of your team, from serviced offices to conventional offices, or even virtual offices. Conventional...


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5 Memorable Anniversary Party Ideas to Celebrate your Love

After you tie the knot, the years of marriage fly by even quicker as you enter new chapters of your life together. Whilst you might not choose to celebrate every anniversary with extravagance, make th...


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Consider a Business Meeting Venue in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire has originally developed as a Greater London, Buckinghamshire. Milton Keynes boasts a vibrant town centre and has to offer plenty of local amenities to suit everyone, ...


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How to Organise a Gala Dinner

Gala Dinners are usually considered as a formal sit-down meal that serves a purpose, such as a ceremony, celebration or charity event. A Gala Dinner is often organised by a non-profit organisation wit...


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Sam Morgan: Why Buying British Matters

Sam Morgan is Executive Chef at The Venues Collection Food is a really important part of our lives. The last 18 months has reinforced that with the resurgence of home baking as we all passionately ...


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