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Hybrid Events | What Is A Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events; What is a hybrid event? Should my meeting be a hybrid event? How do I plan a hybrid event?  These are all the common questions you guys have been asking when visiting our conference...


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Top 5 Creative Corporate Event Ideas

When it comes to corporate event ideas, it’s often difficult to find ones that haven’t been overdone. There are only so many basic team bonding activities, and conferences you can attend as a work...


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Rhubarb, Seasonal Ingredient for April

Did you know rhubarb is botanically a vegetable but is treated as a fruit despite its sour taste? Try our delicious rhubarb recipe from the comfort of your own at home. Vanilla panna cotta with orang...


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Kale, Seasonal Ingredient for February

Kale contains a wide range of nutrients that can help prevent various health conditions, it tastes great too! We’ve put together two of our favourite kale recipes, a Caesar salad and a versatile pes...


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Government Employment Kickstart Scheme

From the 3rd of February 2021, a brand new kickstart scheme will be introduced by the British government, with the aim of providing funding for new job placements for 16 to 24-year-olds all across the...


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Essential Mandatory Training: The Best Techniques

Being aware of a variety of essential training methods, and fully understanding the benefits and downfalls of each one individually, is critical when it comes to avoiding unnecessary costs that often ...


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5 ‘Cool’ Ice Breakers for Virtual Meetings

This year has been difficult for everyone, and due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve all had to adapt in order to keep up with the ever-changing situations that 2020 seems to throw at us. Doing...


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What is a serviced office | Benefits of serviced offices

The way we work is changing. As time passes and technology gets ever more advanced, our workspaces are also upgrading and improving. Gone are the days of traditional office spaces and rigid working da...


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Hot desking advantages and disadvantages

Hot desking is currently a buzz word in the business community. As more companies are determined to demonstrate to employees and the outside world that they are flexible and modern, hot desking is gai...


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Face to face meetings pros and cons

In the business world, meetings are commonplace. They can range from a 5-minute internal chat with the team to a large scale client management meeting. These are a chance to catch up, exchange ideas a...


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